the CAST of Characters
(Character Descriptions by Stephan Cottrell)
 White Pony

      Proprietor of the Cafe; the noble, chivalrous, great of stature and pure of heart White Pony never says an unkind word to anyone.  Though his four-footed Unicorn physique may at times seem an encumbrance, Pony has his ways of resolving difficulties whether using an assortment of attachments for his alicorn (Unicorn horn) or his magic personality.  Tolerant and fully accepting of the diverse personalities converging upon his realm, White Pony ultimately emerges from his ordeals with a smile and some gentle words, of horse.  He exclusively reserves his most gentle, comforting and playful words to his dearest consort, Florence, the Love of his Eternity.
 Florence Ambrose

      Witty, astute and always alert, the soul-mate of White Pony has manifested in a wolf-body that was the successful outcome of a project in genetic engineering.  For Florence Ambrose the Cross Time Cafe would be an oasis from her madcap adventures with the alien squid, Sam Starfall (if only he hadn't snuck in through an unlocked window.)  Swapping her starship engineer's yellow coveralls for an apron, Florence has both compassion and passion in administering loving care to her accident-prone companion-for-life-eternal.
 Jack Black

      The humble and gentlemanly little red dog-fox named Jack Black is an occasional patron of the Cafe.  Though a successful diagnostic engineer, Jack seems to be still finding himself as a person and searching for answers, though the chance meeting with a highly tech savvy Jenny Curtis answered the single most important of his searches.
 Jenny Curtis

      Though someone qualified as both an engineer and an aircraft pilot might be thought a bold individual, Jenny Curtis is very much an introverted vixen.  Petite and well-groomed, Jenny has a matter-of-fact approach to all the chaos that pops up around her in the cafe.  She has the reassurance of knowing that whenever things get too out of control, Jack is not far away.  Occasionally he can be the solution--or the source.
 Kathy Grrsn

      What would be lost if an inter dimensional all-you-can-eat buffet did not have a medium-blue eyed hyena in the kitchen?  Well the Cross Time Cafe has one in spite of all the warnings.  Though capable of single-handedly devouring the leftovers from a wedding ceremony, and swallowing a chocolate easy-chair whole, Kathy Grrsn is a live wire with boundless energy and enthusiasm.  Her over-the-top antics occasionally leave others in a spin, and she harbours ulterior motives with zeal.  Never-the-less, Kathy is a friend to all and would not see anyone harmed--not intentionally anyhow.

      Some might say all hell broke lose when KY appeared in the catacombs beneath the Cafe; others might say she broke loose from Hell or possibly was evicted.  A lite-headed wolf-lady with a penchant for irksome puns, and who it would seem sings in baritone.  Be warned though, Hell hath no fury like a furry-lady described as a ditz.
 Atahbi Mzzkiti

      Edgy and tending to overreact, the golden furred and golden robed Moggian from Moggia, Lieutenant Ms. Atahbi Mzzkiti has learned the hard way that managing the Cross Time Cafe full-time has more than its share of hardships.  With her own ship indefinitely docked for an extended overhaul, Mzzkiti hangs by her razor sharp claws to the shreds of her sanity that remain after experiences with cookbook trees, heavy metal mice, rampaging Oompa-loompas, tail-puff swarms, squid schooling, an overly-affectionate white tiger and a weakness for beef-flavoured fish-sticks that ultimately lead to a fairground vending machine fiasco.
 Roy Calbeck

      The warhorse whose taste for heavy metal has left him with a cast-iron alicorn (Unicorn horn) Roy Calbeck is the Cafe's lead musician and ax-man who takes no nonsense from anyone.  The only thing he fears more than fear itself is an enraged Moggian wielding a kitchen blade.  He also made a short cameo appearance in RH Junior's "Goblin Hollow" webcomic.

Secondary Characters & Cameos
(Character Descriptions by Stephan Cottrell)
 Sam Starfall

      Impossible to miss in his blue environment suit, the grasping alien squid Sam Starfall hates to miss out on freebies and took advantage of a brief commotion while he intruded in through the window.  Sam tends to make himself scarce at the best of times, particularly when there’s work to be done, but he manages to sneak into the fore when money is mentioned.  Then just as quickly sneaks out as the wallets start to go missing.  Although not to be trusted, Sam is nonetheless a lovable friendly face and did become a little more mature than usual when charged with the responsibility of minding his cousin’s multitude of offspring.  His stay at the café has been a welcome respite from captaining the Savage Chicken; a ship whose computer has been trying to kill Sam for the good of all mankind.

      Who would have thought that a low-budget, medium-duty warehouse robot with a 10-year old’s mentality would make such an excellent short-order cook?  Helix, the ball on four stocky legs, is the most cute of all the odd-shaped robots who assist in maintaining the café.  Never hindered by his cumbersome gait, Helix's first loyalty is to his comrades Florence and Sam, but he responds with equal childlike enthusiasm toward all of the café staff and customers.  So far his only downfall since Freefall has been excessive curiosity; a trait that saw him incarcerated in a store room for closely watching the song and dance act of an embarrassed Kathy Grrsn.

      Horticulturalist extraordinaire, Hortmage was one of the Café’s first attendees after Florence and Jenny showed light of day to the nearly forgotten old place.  He arrived to deliver lemon grass hula skirts to the two canine ladies.  In a bemused state, Hortmage was reminded that with herbivores there’s a fine line between florist and caterer.  As he observed, White Pony mistakes the skirts for appetizers; lured to the ladies sides by the lemony scent.  Since receiving an overdue gift from Sam Starfall, Hortmage has not been seen recently, but the splendid flowerbeds and wall-ivy of the café’s exterior indicate that he is not far away.

      Unaware that her father was an unwilling participant in receiving a squid’s kiss, Jes instantly reported the event to Hortmage’s wife with the loud cry, "Mum!  Dad’s looking at vixens again, and now he’s kissing a squid."  Rumours have long circulated that Jes had already made a similar announcement, after seeing a promotional image of Florence Ambrose on her father’s computer, which she mistook for a fox engaged in striptease.  Ah well, ratting on either of your parents is one of life’s short-lived pleasures.

      It was a day to be well-remembered by all those in attendance.  A hyena, her tail ablaze, was being furiously chased around by a pair of foxes who, by awry unicorn magic, had morphed into a plush bear and toy pony.  Yet, one customer whom had entered the café merely turned his head and watched in unworried silence.  Such is the nature of Archae, the archaeopteryx (from the Greek "Ancient" and "feather or wing") who quietly shuns suggestions of being a bird by flourishing his pearly white teeth.  Presumably it is through the time nexus of the café that Archae escaped the fate of his Germanic kindred, all presumed to be extinct after the Jurasic period.

      A cleanly dressed wolf of noble brow and tall stature was once seen delivering correspondence to the Cross Time Café.  We believe this to be the gentleman known as "Alaskawolf" for whom the Postal Service motto has never been more true; neither rain, nor hail, nor snow will prevent the mail getting through.
 Earl McClaw

      Playful and energetic, the black-striped, white tiger, Earl McClaw (who is not Scottish, despite the name and kilt) took an immediate liking to the café’s Main Manager, Mzkitti.  Eager to impress her, McClaw attempted by use of claw to hunt down the lingering rogue tail puffs, but in doing so accidentally snared the only ball of fluff legitimately attached to her tail.  Benevolently, Mzkitti waived off a more ferocious reaction and suggested Earl might be more of a help with security elsewhere in the café.  Earl suggested instead that he make deliveries, and was later seen very busy in the café’s adjacent garage preparing his old motorcycle in hopes of actually getting that job.
 Little Dragon

      While exploring the uncharted caverns far beneath the café, White Pony and Florence Ambrose chanced upon a magnificent and elegant creature whose origins lie somewhere in nearly forgotten legends.  The leathery greyish-brown, English moor dragon is believed to have made a home in that quiet subterranean realm, and contrary to his petite form there’s some who claim he’s 824 years of age.  These are the tales of those whom have lured him momentarily from the gloom due to his weakness for small, shiny objects.

      Little escapes the sharp eyes of a spectacled flying fox whose role as gofer by day and Security by night, he accepted after not meeting the height requirement for stock clerk.  Batty also brings to the café considerable knowledge of both early Australian history and a superb understanding of Australian native animals, having acted as flying doctor for a number of them.  Nobody can explain how he manipulates a computer keyboard with his leather wings, but certainly he somehow does, having gained considerable commendation for his ability to design and render 3D images.  Often Batty can be found helping Marmoe reach new heights.

      Even graduate physicists need a bit of extra cash now and then, hence the reason a friendly little blue gecko, whose second name is curiosity, agreed to the role of gofer and Pest Control Supervisor at the Cross Time Café.  Marmoe originally sought the stock clerk’s role, as did Batty, but they both found it beyond their reach.  Having a common need for height and speed, Marmoe and Batty have formed a sort of tag-team action that has already once seen them out of a nasty scrape, and proved effective in corn chip raiding.  In terms of food however, Marmoe has a preference for haggis and flies.  Local pests therefore have good reason to leave the Café alone, as this is a gecko who can sniff out evil weevils, maraudering moths and slothful slugs.  Words were once spoken on the point that Marmoe does not always feel blue, has an uncanny way of being at one with his surroundings.
 Tora Kiyoshi

      Link-ee to Kiyoshi's own introduction to the world of the Cross Time Cafe.
 Tom Corrigan

      Life as an inter-stellar delivery cat will see you chasing all around the solar system in somewhat comedic efforts to make connections.  It was during one of these stopovers in the vicinity of the Cross Time Café that Tom Corrigan chanced upon the Café’s staff in hot pursuit of Sam Starfall, and the money Sam had absconded from Mzkitti.  Tom, calling to mind the Planet Jean tradition of ice cream after participating in an angry mob chase, joined the purrrr-suing in smooth fashion.  Immediately afterward he returned to his ship the Solar Mariner, where he was awaited by his companion and business manager, the ship’s A.I., "Mariah" who when not in avatar form downloads either to a ship maintenance mech bot, or a fembot for an evening out with Tom.  Tom Corrigan has not been seen around the Café recently, so presumably he returned to his home in Crater City on Luna.

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  · Florence, Sam, Robots and Dr. Thurmad from "Freefall" © Mark Stanley.
  · Jenny and Jack from "21st Century Fox" © Scott Kellogg.
  · Kathy from "Carry On" © Kathy "Garrison" Kellogg.
  · Mzzkiti from "Freighter Tails" © Bill Redfern.
  · KY/Kyota from "Hellbound" © Eric Nault.
  · Roy Calbeck © Scott Malcomson.
  · White Pony © S.Kidwell.
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